Fantastic Four 2015 Full Movie Online

fantastic-four-f4-poster3It is the new Hollywood trend to make reboots of the blockbusters that were tied to an end,or the main actors decided not to go on. Now Fox is taking it to the next level, seeing the great potential of the comic based movies, they decided to make a reboot movie for the Fantastic Four which you can watch online, maybe planning to hit the box office with a huge success to make it a trilogy this time. The latest version of the well known superhero quartet movie series was 2005 made Fantastic Four, and 2007 made Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. But even its expensive cast and production, those two movies were not successfull enough to fill Fox’s pockets with money. Well, ok, they were successfull streams, but who cares if a reboot can be made, and watch Fantastic Four 2015 full online with more money can be earned? Simple as that you can watch Fantastic Four 2015 full movie online here…

watch-fantastic-fourPlanned for september 2015, the new fantastic four movie is even a more expensive production than the last one, and Fox uses every trick to make it more sensational. They even removed the 2005 and 2007 movies from the video on demand sites, just to make people get more hungry about the four heroes and their adventures. On this new movie, Mr. Fantastic will be played by Miles Teller, who did a great job in the last year’s unexpected hit, Whiplash. It will a be real pleasure to see him act as an action superhero. The new Invisible Woman will be Kate Mara, who had a small role in Iron Man 2. She is not even close to Jessica Alba’s beauty, but who knows, maybe she can act better. The biggest surprise is that The Human Torch will be played by Michael B. Jordan. In all versions of the comic book series and the movies of Fantastic Four, Johnny Storm was always a blonde white guy,  now since Michael B. Jordan will not look great with blonde hair, we will probably see some changes in the story, maybe an adoption? Who knows. But i personally think he will make a great job as the Human Torch. Jamie Bell, who we all remember as Billy Elliott, will be playing the thing, and it is a big mystery for me how they will make such a little shaped person play the hulk sized Thing. Toby Kebbell was selected to play Dr. Doom, which i think will be disappointing, but we will see it better on the big screen.

Josh Trank, who did a great job directing the low budgeted Chronicle will be directing this new Fantastic Four movie for online watching. We know that he can do good with little money, now we will see how he goes with tons of money and Fox’s limitless marketing capabilities.

I do not want to be negative about this new movie, since i really love comics based movies and want to support all of them. But this new reboot of the Fantastic Four seems to be a well inflated marketing balloon. I hope i am wrong and it goes beyond my expectations. Don’t miss to watch this one also:

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